Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 350 something?

Hello blog world..... So I realize it hase been almost a whole Year since I have written here. I am still alive and I am still in Guyana!! For those of you who dont know, I live on an island in the middle of rice fields and coconut groves....I call it my little piece of Hawaii/Paradise in Guyana. I work at a primary school during the week. I have made some amazing friends and if it werent for them I probably would have been gone a long time ago. Alot has happened since coming to Guyana. My best friend at home became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, my mom has gotten married, my brother joined the US Army, my sister has moved and is now pregnant.....As for me I have been learning alot about life and growing alot too... bugs dont bother me to the extreme they used to, i can cook new things, eat new things, watch and learn new things daily..... Peace Corps definetly makes you grow in all ways and areas....tomorrow the next batch of volunteers come to the country and that is wierd to me but also exciting becuase it means i have almost made it half way....this coming week i will be going on a hike with other volunteers to the largest waterfall....its a 5 day trip and i am really excitied!!.....I hope everyone out there is doing well....much love....and who knows when I will get back on this thing

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 1!!!

So this morning i woke up at 4 AM... (California time) showered, loaded the car, and went to the the airport i stood in line for united (southwest is so much better)...flew for 5 hrs and landed... AMAZINGLY found baggage claim and my bags!! Even better met up with 2 other trainiess!!! We maked it to the Hotel and check now i hurt all over (my bags are heavy and rock climbing yester {which ROCKED!})...change into my ugly christmas sweater and go eat a philly bed....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

1st time

Hey everyone... So I finally have a blog (thank you Jared for convincing me)... this is my first blog... As many of you know I have joined the Peace Corps... I will be leaving in a month to PA where I will finally meet up with the rest of my group...from there we will fly down to Guyana and the is where I will be living for the next 26 months of my life....Its funny how life throws you funny little curve balls and when you follow them you get taken on an adventure you may have never gone on had you lived your life in your safe little box....